Planning your move.

Are you ready to start your next chapter in a senior community? While it will certainly be an exciting and new adventure, it can be a little daunting when you’re moving and settling in. We can help. These three tips will help you get organized and make the transition to your new home as easy as possible. That means you’ll get to enjoy your new lifestyle that much sooner.


1. Prepare to sell

Once you start thinking about moving into a senior living community, prepare your house for sale. Talk to a local real estate agent to learn the value of your home. They can also help you determine if you could make any updates to speed the sale. This is also the time to think about decluttering or downsizing. Downsizing can be physically and emotionally difficult. Preparing can make it easier. Ask friends who have downsized for recommendations that will make the process easier. You can also find information online from people who have simplified and downsized. There are many businesses to help with this process—just ask your community residency counselor or sales team member for a recommendation.

2. Personalizing your new home

As you downsize, be sure to keep furniture and décor you truly love. When you find your best choice for senior living[link to Find a Community], you’ll have so much fun making it your own. Your new home will immediately feel welcoming when you use it to highlight your most treasured belongings.

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3. Get involved in community activities

The sooner you become involved in your new senior living community, the sooner you’ll feel at home. Ask to join in some of the community activities that interest you before your moving day arrives. Communities offer fitness classes, continuing education classes, cocktail hours and more. Make a plan to join current residents for a meal or two. You’ll start making new friends and have even more to look forward to when you move in.

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